Why Join the Winston-Salem Police Department?

We believe in investing in our officers. From cutting-edge training programs and technology to opportunities for advancement, we are dedicated to helping you reach your full potential. Together, we build bridges with the community we serve, fostering trust and collaboration.


As a Patrol Officer, you work the 4 on and 4 off schedule with permanent shifts – allowing you to have approximately 15 days a month off. Permanent shifts are proven to reduce stress on the body and enable Officers to maintain a healthier home life. When beginning a career with the WSPD, you are required to start in the Patrol Division until eligible for specialized units.

Take Home Car Policy

The WSPD offers a unique take home car policy that allows sworn officers the freedom to drive to and from work and to off-duty assignments in marked patrol cars. Officers can take home cars up to 60 miles outside of the center of downtown Winston-Salem!

Family Benefits

At the WSPD, we value our staff members and ensure family always comes first. As a part of this commitment to our staff members, we offer 12 weeks of paid leave for new parents, family insurance plans (health, dental, vision & pet), and an additional City retirement plan.

WSPD Training Benefits


As a premier law enforcement agency, we ensure our recruits receive more than 1,000 hours of academy training – exceeding the state requirement by over 400 hours. Upon completion of graduation, police officer trainees will be paired with a veteran field training officer for one on one training to ensure classroom skills translate to real life application. The WSPD prides itself on having a reputation in our State for providing top notch training to officers and professional staff members.


We are an agency focused on utilizing technology. We ensure our staff members are equipped with the most up to date software and systems needed to complete job duties effectively. We have one of the top performing Real Time Crime Centers (RTCC) in our area that utilizes Shotspotter, Live 911, Camera Integration, and more. In addition, we use online reporting to reduce call volume for Patrol Officers and provide each officer with an in-car computer.

Extra Incentives

  • FREE YWCA Membership
  • Uniforms & Equipment Provided by our Agency, including Boot Vouchers
  • Vacation Buyback Program
  • Relocation Assistance up to $1500

After 2 years of serving with the WSPD as a police officer in patrol, individuals have the opportunity to advance their career through specialized units including:


  • Community Resources Unit (CRU)
  • Court & Fleet Services
  • Criminal Investigations Division (CID)
  • Downtown Bike Patrol
  • Gang Unit
  • Gun Crime Reduction Unit (GCRU)
  • Hazardous Devices Unit (HDU)
  • K9 Unit
  • Park Rangers
  • Professional Standards Division (PSD)
  • Real Time Crime Center (RTCC)
  • Recruiting Unit
  • Special Investigations Division (SID)
  • Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT)
  • Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU)
  • Violent Firearm Investigations Team (VFIT)