Salary & Benefits


Police Officer Trainee

No education - $50.000

A.A. or A.S. Degree - $52,500

B.A. or B.S. Degree - $55,125

Police Officer

No education - $52.500

A.A. or A.S. Degree - $55,125

B.A. or B.S. Degree - $57,750

$5,000 sign-on bonus

Military - an additional 5% pay increase with military experience after graduating the academy.


Max starting salary - $76,130 based on experience, education, and prior military service

$10,000 sign-on bonus for in-state laterals

Forensic Services Technician

Starting salary - $39,799.37

$.65 shift-differential for night shift

Police Evidence Specialist

Starting salary - $34,762.31

Police Records Specialist

Starting salary - $34,762.31

$.65 shift-differential for night shift

 Communications Operator

Starting salary - $39,799

$2,500 sign-on bonus

Information Systems Analyst

Starting salary - $63,909

Police Processing Technician

Starting salary - $34,080


Health, Vision, and Dental Insurance

All full-time employees and temporary and part-time employees certified for benefits are eligible for health, vision, and dental insurance through Cigna. The plans are applicable for family members including children and spouses. To find more information, please click the button below to visit the City of Winston-Salem website.

Life Insurance

The City of Winston-Salem offers employees a policy in the amount of one time the employee’s annual salary in a basic life insurance policy automatically. Employees have the option to elect a policy for the amount of one time, two times or 3 times the employee’s annual salary for an additional fee – paid by payroll deduction each pay period. For more information, click the button below to visit the City of Winston-Salem website.

Retirement/Pension Plans

A new City of Winston-Salem full-time employee or part-time employee averaging 1,000 hours or more of work each year automatically becomes a member of the North Carolina Local Government Employees’ Retirement System (LEGRS) and makes a contribution of six (6) percent of their annual salary to the system on a pre-tax basis. In addition, the City of Winston-Salem contributes to the retirement fund for Sworn Police Officers. Supplemental retirement income plans are also offered to employees as an option for investment.

Parental Leave

The City of Winston-Salem provides employees with up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave to employees following the birth of an employee’s child or the placement of a child with an employee in connection with adoption, foster care, or legal guardianship. The purpose of paid parental leave is to enable the employee to care for and bond with a newborn or a newly adopted or newly placed child. Family is always a priority.

Education Assistance

The City of Winston-Salem encourages employees to further their education. Financial assistance is available under the Education Assistance Program to full-time employees and part-time employees, who are certified for benefits, to pursue part-time or full-time studies at accredited institutions. The policy also covers continuing education courses and preparation courses, including self-guided courses, for certification and licensure tests for professional development, which are provided by accredited institutions or professional associations.