Career Paths

Police Officer (Sworn)

Police Officers are the backbone of our agency who are always out in the community to protect, serve, and support. Our Officers work a 4 on and 4 off schedule with permanent shifts. Permanent shifts allow a healthier lifestyle due to less strain on the body. This shift gives Officers approximately 15 days off a month.

Professional Staff Members

The Winston-Salem Police Department prides itself on having career opportunities for everyone! We are not just looking for Police Officers, but also dedicated individuals who want to serve their community in a unique way. Our professional staff member positions include: Communications Operator, Forensic Services Technician, Information Technology Specialist, Crime Analyst, Records Specialist, Prisoner Processing Specialist, Administrative Professionals, and Police Evidence Specialist.

Scholarship Program

The Winston-Salem Police Department provides a unique opportunity for students who are pursuing a higher education degree at Historically Black Colleges or Appalachian State University. Students can apply for our scholarship program which pays for university tuition and fees for those who are pursuing law enforcement after graduation.

Cadet Program

The Cadet Program is aimed to provide opportunities in law enforcement for recent High School graduates and individuals who are not yet eligible to sit in the academy. When you participate in the Cadet Program, individuals complete 20 hours of school while working 20 hours a week at the WSPD. The cost of education is covered by the WSPD and individuals are compensated for the employment portion.